ThinkWell exists to push boundaries, reframe questions, and provide bold solutions.

A Transformative Opportunity

The world has witnessed sweeping transformations in health financing over the last decade, especially in poorer countries. More than 50 low- and middle-income countries have endorsed plans to establish transformative health financing mechanisms such as social insurance, equity funds, and results-based financing. Innovative revenue generation models including impact bonds and targeted levies have raised millions in new funding for health.

The stakes are high: The hope that health financing could serve as a critical lever to improve quality, motivate human resources, and improve accountability has become an expectation. The global community awaits evidence and results. And countries require specialized support to deliver on their promise.

Seizing This Moment

ThinkWell was founded in 2011 to translate the global commitment into creative, practical, and bold solutions to achieving universal health coverage. Our aim is to bring together highly experienced systems practitioners across sectors to assist countries to develop solutions to fit their own contexts. Accordingly, our approach transcends global models or ideologies: every component of our work is guided by a country’s values, capacities, and political realities.



Yogesh Rajkotia, ThinkWell Founder

Yogesh Rajkotia, ThinkWell Founder

ThinkWell’s work on health systems in developing countries is premised on our belief that people in countries like Mozambique and Nepal should have the same access to quality health care as people in Sweden and the UK.