ThinkWell is our commitment to possibility.

ThinkWell staff share a passion.

We believe that all citizens of all countries deserve access to affordable, quality healthcare. We exist to make an impact. We are pragmatists, not ideologists. Instead of global models or all-purpose solutions, we are committed to developing solutions tailored to a country’s values and cultural and political realities.

We see possibilities.

At ThinkWell, we embrace bold ambitions. We focus on possibilities. We know that to drive change, we must focus on how the world could be, rather than making excuses for the status quo. While the challenges are many, we see them as opportunities. Constraints don’t intimidate us; they inspire and drive us.

We are grounded and pragmatic.

Our vision is bold, while our approach is grounded. Our staff have worked inside governments, advised high-level policy officials, and supported day-to-day technical activities within ministries around the world. We understand that politics drives policy. And we understand policy execution relies on implementation capacity. With decades of collective experience on the ground, we are rooted in what is possible within a particular context.

Measured risks for unbounded innovation.

At our core, we believe in creativity for greater results. We are always questioning and we believe in disrupting conventional wisdom about what works or what can or cannot be done. We take risks because it creates space for innovation. We accept failure as critical learning in pursuit of bold solutions.


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Our Values:
• Think big.
• Influence the conversation.
• Empower others.
• Be exceptional.
• Always question.
• Relate authentically.
• Evolve by learning.