Research & Evaluation

Informed Decisions Strengthen Health Systems

A robust evidence base is essential to sound health policies, programs, and service delivery. Qualitative and quantitative data reveal what clients and communities need, whether or not an intervention is effective, and what kind of change might be possible.

ThinkWell supports such informed health systems decision-making through research and evaluation.

A Practical, Implementation Perspective

ThinkWell’s research and evaluation approach marries world-class research expertise and practical implementing experience. We generate evidence using state-of-the-art, rigorous, and practical methodologies”ā€¯using randomized and quasi-experimental study designs as needed. We conduct systematic evaluations of sector programs, global initiatives, bilateral projects, and discrete project components.

In every case, ThinkWell emphasizes strategic dissemination to encourage data use by the appropriate decision-makers.

Our team includes distinguished experts in econometrics, biostatistics, cost-effectiveness, political science, and qualitative research.


Our Research & Evaluation specialties:
• Impact evaluation
• Implementation research
• Program assessment & evaluation
• Cost effectiveness