Public Financial Management

Sustainable health systems cannot be achieved without strong public financial management (PFM). ThinkWell supports the full cycle of PFM modernization: policy and systems development, results-oriented budgeting, internal control, external audit, and performance reporting.

Our expertise in health finance allows us to make innovative linkages between government-wide systems and health specific resource-management systems such as National Health Accounts and Marginal Budgeting for Bottlenecks. In addition, we support donors to develop government-to-government finance mechanisms. This support includes fiduciary risk assessment, mechanism design, and on-going risk monitoring.

Public Financial Management: The Backbone of Good Governance

We believe that strong public financial management systems are the backbone of well-governed public services. Therefore, our approach also emphasizes budget transparency and civil society engagement through mechanisms such as social audit, public expenditure tracking surveys, and media outreach.


Our Public Financial Management specialties:
• Fiduciary risk assessment
• Government-to-government (G2G) design
• Risk monitoring
• Capacity building