Private Sector

An Underutilized Resource

Even in very poor countries, the private sector is often robust. Distribution networks have tremendous reach, and local businesses are carefully tuned into their clients’ needs. Partnerships between these businesses and the public health sector have tremendous potential to enhance public efforts in pursuit of universal health coverage.

Mutually Beneficial Linkages

ThinkWell is committed to promoting creative and effective links between public and private sectors, particularly with regard to health. We believe that both public and private parties can””and should””benefit from these arrangements.

By linking private health providers with financing, ThinkWell helps make high-quality services more affordable and encourages private health providers to expand in hard-to-reach areas. Such financing might be public or private. For example, public health financing can subsidize poor patients who receive care from private providers, and private microfinance institutions can make loans available for private, health-related enterprises such as an ambulance service.

Leveraging Existing Networks

ThinkWell also sees opportunities to expand social safety nets through private distribution networks. In one example, we are promoting health insurance enrollment and disbursement through seemingly unrelated businesses such as pawnshops and mobile phone providers.

Relevant Projects

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Our Private Sector specialties:
• Ideation to market
• Innovative financing
• Contracting in/out
• Market entry and development
• Outsourcing for results
• PPP strategy, analysis & brokering