Health Financing

A well-functioning health financing system facilitates the efficient delivery of affordable and high-quality health services.

ThinkWell collaborates with countries to develop and execute context-specific health financing strategies. We also are careful to consider the intended and unintended consequences of health financing policies.

Unorthodox Perspectives & Partnerships

At ThinkWell, we are careful to promote specific health financing approaches as tools to improve health outcomes rather than a desired outcome in and of themselves.

We employ both tried-and-tested and state-of-the-art health financing models, and champion further innovation.

ThinkWell promotes strong linkages among public institutions. We work to position finance ministries as collaborative investors in health.

Our Functional Expertise

In an effort to push pay-for-performance approaches to their full potential with regard to health outcomes, ThinkWell designs and implements situation-specific results-based financing (RBF) programs, and evaluates those already underway.

For countries seeking to expand health insurance, ThinkWell provides context-specific design options analysis packages that consider community-based, social, and private health insurance programs. We provide implementation support, business process refinement, and technology solutions for health insurance programs.

ThinkWell’s health financing expertise also includes budgeting and resource allocation in support of national policy objectives; conditional cash transfers to incentivize use of services; voucher-based reimbursement systems to reduce financial barriers to accessing services; and resource tracking.



Our Health Financing specialties:
• Results Based Financing
• Verification
• Health Insurance
• Budgeting and Resource Allocation
• Expenditure Tracking & Health Accounts
• Costing and Forecasting