Governance and Health System Performance

Strong stewardship and governance are essential to the effective delivery and sustainability of life-saving health interventions. Well-managed, transparent and less corrupt systems perform more efficiently and are essential to progress on the road to UHC.  ThinkWell works in health governance, integrating strengthened governance structures and systems into our projects, to improve health systems performance.

ThinkWell works at the national level to develop sound institutional systems and to improve structures for checks and balances. We enable health reform by analyzing and advocating for proper regulation and enforcement mechanisms. At the implementation phase, we ensure enforcement mechanisms and improve the systems, structures and processes for organizational units to properly perform their stewardship role. At the citizen level, ThinkWell advises Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other citizen groups using its innovative political space mapping methodology to select appropriate approaches such as social audits, citizen journalism, community scorecards, and judicial action.

Concrete, Contextualized Solutions

We believe that effective governance programs must be tailored to their political context; directly importing successful interventions from one country to another will not always work.

Our approach employs an anti-corruption lens and focuses on the following areas:

  • Methods for transparent flow of information used for planning, management and budget
  • Optimized structures and processes for accountability
  • Strong leadership and management
  • Robust capacity to develop and enforce policies and regulation
  • Active participation by non-state actors

To this end, we help countries identify concrete solutions to their problems in areas such as targeted subsidies, procurement, local and national planning and budgeting, and human resource management, adapted to a wide range of circumstances.

Relevant Projects

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Our Governance specialties:
• Citizen participation
• Legislative strengthening and regulatory systems
• Leadership and organizational development
• Public policy