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Implementing Universal Health Care (UHC) in the Philippines: Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

02 August 2021

This piece originally appeared in P4H here. It was written by Christian Edward Nuevo, Maria Eufemia Yap, Matt Boxshall, and Nirmala Ravishankar.  Primary health care (PHC), first introduced through the Alma Ata Declaration of 1978, emphasizes that addressing health needs should be people-centered and multi-sectoral in approach. The recently passed Universal Health Care (UHC) Law […]

Policy and Implementation Insights on Provider Payment Reforms of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

02 August 2021

This piece originally appeared in P4H here. It was written by Dredge, R., Nuevo, C. E., and Paterno, A. R. The Philippine Universal Health Care (UHC) Law of 2019 introduced system-level reforms on health financing, particularly for the provider payment mechanisms of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth). PhilHealth is the implementer of the National Health […]

Five Take-Aways from the International Health Economics Association (iHEA) Congress

20 July 2021

On July 15, the 2021 International Health Economics Association (iHEA) Congress came to a close. After four busy days of health economists and health system leaders exchanging bold ideas, five ThinkWell attendees shared their main take-aways from the conference. Present & Future of Immunization Costing Laura Boonstoppel, Sr. Program Manager With vaccination on top of […]


How we can make Kenya’s informal sector workers part of UHC?

12 July 2021

This piece originally appeared in Nation here. It was written by Anne Musuva, ThinkWell’s country director for Kenya.  What you need to know: Currently, NHIF enrolment is mandatory among workers in the formal sector The informal sector employs over 80 per cent of Kenyans The Kenyan government has identified universal health coverage (UHC) as part […]

Shaping health economics in a time of global change: ThinkWell at the 2021 iHEA Congress

25 June 2021

From July 12-15, ThinkWell will virtually join health economists and health system leaders at the 2021 International Health Economics Association (iHEA) Congress to discuss bold, creative, and practical solutions that actually work. In twelve organized sessions and four poster sessions, we will showcase transformative work from the Strategic Purchasing for Primary Health Care (SP4PHC), USAID Health Financing Activity, and Immunization Costing Action Network (ICAN) programs.  Be sure to take a […]

Can National Health Insurance Improve Access to Quality Family Planning for Those Most in Need?

11 June 2021

Written by Matt Boxshall and Jennifer Santisi at ThinkWell, this blog summarizes expert discussions on family planning and national health insurance at the recent ThinkWell Counterpoint webinar, access the recording here. “I’m passionate about family planning; empowering women to have children by choice, not by chance, can transform societies for the better,” said Matt Boxshall, […]

Meet the Speakers: Putting the “Universal” into “UHC Schemes” for Family Planning

02 June 2021

The global family planning (FP) community gathered this February under the banner “UHC: not without FP” to demonstrate why integrating FP into universal health coverage (UHC) is essential for success. As passionate believers in the power of FP, we couldn’t agree more – but there is a trap here. Progress towards UHC is often wrapped […]

The Value, Urgency, and Sustainability of Immunization

25 May 2021

Written by Martha Coe (Program Manager, ThinkWell) and Anupama Tantri (Executive Director, Global Vaccine Public Policy Development; Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.)  Fifteen months into the global COVID-19 pandemic, the tie between public health and the economic value of disease prevention and immunization has never been more apparent. The world is looking to vaccination to […]

voucher uganda

How can decades of learning from voucher schemes in Uganda inform ongoing purchasing reforms?

19 May 2021

This piece originally appeared on P4H here.  This blog, written by Tapley Jordanwood (ThinkWell), Aliyi Walimbwa (Ministry of Health, Uganda), Anooj Pattnaik (ThinkWell), and Angellah Nakyanzi (ThinkWell), highlights an extensive study of the latest two reproductive, maternal, and newborn health (RMNH) voucher schemes in Uganda conducted jointly by the Uganda Ministry of Health and the Strategic Purchasing for Primary Health Care project implemented by ThinkWell with support […]

Nairobi Kenya

Is Kenya’s National Hospital Insurance Fund Amendment Bill a Silver Bullet for Universal Health Coverage?

04 May 2021

One of the proposals in the 2021 National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Amendment Bill stipulates that all Kenyans must be registered under NHIF in the new Universal Health Coverage (UHC) program. When this news broke in mid-February, the media balked. Much of the uproar was in response to mandatory NHIF enrollment. Many Kenyans believed that […]