ThinkWell Joins the Global Partnership for Social Accountability

ThinkWell has joined the World Bank Group’s Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA). The partnership consists of over 200 organizations from around the world from civil society, the donor community, private sector and academia working to strengthen citizen-driven accountability and transparency. The GPSA’s goal is to create an enabling environment in which citizen feedback is used to solve fundamental problems in public service delivery and performance.

Upcoming Global Partners Forum in Washington, DC

ThinkWell will attend the upcoming GPSA Global Partners Forum on May 12-13 in Washington DC. The theme is Social Accountability for Citizen-Centric Governance: A Changing Paradigm.

ThinkWell governance specialist Jessica Gergen will be in attendance, engaging in dialogue with a diverse network of CSO practitioners, academia and donor agencies on the topic of citizen engagement and accountability. Ms. Gergen explains ThinkWell’s philosophy, "We believe that effective governance programs must be tailored to their political context. Directly importing successful interventions from one country to another will not always work." ThinkWell’s approach assists practitioners to assess their contextual space, and to select and tailor approaches. "This is how citizen-centered governance will be realized," concludes Ms. Gergen.

About ThinkWell

ThinkWell’s work on citizen engagement methods aims to help answer the question of what works and why given a country’s political space. Read more about our work on citizen engagement in Africa.

Read more about the GPSA.

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