Zanga Traore

Zanga Traore

Data Analyst Intern, currently working in Burkina Faso

Traore Zanga Ali Mohamed is a Medical Informatician and Data Scientist. Traore is currently working at ThinkWell as a Data Analysis Intern, assisting the Country Director in decision making with analysis results based on quality data. Traore has a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics-Computer Science and is in the final stages of a Master’s degree in Medical Informatics and Data Science.

Prior to joining ThinkWell, Traore completed several internships, the last of which was at the National Population Health Observatory (ONSP) of Burkina Faso. During this internship, Traore designed an interactive web-based dashboard to track epidemiological data.

"I joined ThinkWell to contribute to the implementation of the free health care policy for vulnerable populations. I also want to help my country achieve universal health coverage with quality data."


Languages spoken: French, Dioula, and Sénoufo


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