Yogesh Rajkotia

Yogesh Rajkotia

Founder and CEO, currently working in USA

About our founder

Dr. Yogesh Rajkotia launched ThinkWell in 2011 to help countries achieve universal health coverage. Convinced that a break from the status quo of development assistance was urgently needed, Dr. Rajkotia founded ThinkWell to be a disruptive, creative agent for change. As ThinkWell’s CEO, he is responsible for driving the firm’s vision, culture, strategy, and approach.

An entrepreneur at heart, Dr. Rajkotia enjoys the relentless pursuit of ideas and innovations to spark transformation in health systems. With this spirit, he has supported major health systems reforms in over 25 countries and served as advisor to ministers and secretaries around the world. Dr. Rajkotia provided leadership to USAID’s global health systems strengthening efforts, where he oversaw the Agency’s $45 million health portfolio in Rwanda and its $125 global Health Systems 20/20 program. He has consulted for many organizations including WHO, GAVI, and World Bank.

Dr. Rajkotia is well published and is frequently asked to speak to distinguished audiences around the world. He was recognized as a Rockefeller Social Innovation Fellow in 2013. He holds a doctorate degree in health economics from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s degree in health policy from the London School of Economics.

Selected Publications and Presentations

In Pursuit of UHC: Emerging Trends in Health Financing

Scaling Innovation for Strong Upazilla Health Systems in Bangladesh

Review of Public Financial Management for the Bangladesh Health Sector

Does household enrolment reduce adverse selection in a voluntary health insurance system? Evidence from the Ghanaian Health

Unpacking Country Ownership: A call to action


We must go beyond the risk-averse mindset that permeates foreign assistance if we want to have meaningful impact. That's why ThinkWell exists -- to take risks and bring innovative approaches to health systems development.

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