Yara Cumbi

Yara Cumbi

Health Systems Analyst, currently working in Mozambique

Yara’s career path is centered on leadership and Health Systems Strengthening in Developing Countries.  She has experience conducting field research and coordinating efforts across many different entities such a private sector, government and iNGOs. She has worked across several sectors including, HIV, TB, gender-based violence, primary healthcare and other areas of development. Projects she has worked on have been funded by USAID, DFID The European Union, the Spanish Cooperation and more. At ThinkWell, she works on the Last Mile Supply Chain project helping to improve the supply chain of health commodities to Health Facilities.

Yara holds an MSc in Public Health for Development from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine, UK, and a BSc in Psychology from York University, Canada.

ThinkWell is great place for me to cultivate my experience and passion for public health with learning in other areas such as supply chain and private sector participation. The interdisciplinary approach makes for a dynamic and stimulating environment.


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