Tara Grier

Tara Grier

Communications Intern, currently working in USA

Tara Grier is currently working toward her Masters degree in Writing Arts at Rowan University. She has previously held internships within the Writing Arts department at her university, and with the Jennifer DeChiara literary agency. While in undergrad, she was also on the executive board for Avant Literary Magazine, the managing editor for Halftone Magazine, and an admin/assistant publisher for Singularity Press. She is currently working on a fantasy novel that she hopes to publish in the future. Tara is excited to be working as a communications intern at ThinkWell for the next six months. In this role, Tara assists the Communications team in writing news briefs, social media copy, website management, and other communications tasks.


dog named Teddy


years into college at Rowan University


siblings: a younger brother and a twin sister

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