Tanmya Jahan

Tanmya Jahan

Business Development Advisor, currently working in Bangladesh

Tanmya is a proactive professional experienced in non-profit organizations, as well as profit-oriented organizations, with 9 years of experience. At ThinkWell, she focuses on Business Development to ensure expansion, revenue generation and long-term sustainability. Previously, she has worked with the electronics brand Philips, the retail chain Clean Cooking System Project, and Tupperware Brands in leadership roles. She has experience with product management, brand communication, business model development, referral base business strategy, organizational learning and development strategy. She has a distinctive 6 years of experience on women empowerment through Tupperware Business model, which is globally renowned. She has completed her study on marketing on her graduation and MBA, and has a certification on stress management and motivation.

Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference. – Kathy Calvin


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