Shamima Akhter

Shamima Akhter

Senior Technical Advisor, currently working in Bangladesh

Dr. Shamima Akhter is a public health scientist and health economist with over 16 years of experience in health systems strengthening, health financing, and conducting epidemiological and health systems research. Dr. Akhter has focused on service delivery at the primary health care level including maternal and child health, reproductive health, family planning, neglected tropical diseases, and non-communicable diseases. She has contributed to numerous publications in these areas. Dr. Akhter has worked at various primary health care (PHC) facilities to explore the delivery of ESP services like ANC and PNC, EmONC, immunization, FP, and NCD care. Dr. Akhter has also conducted a number of projects involving policy reviews, stakeholder analysis, explorative reviews with national policymakers, in-depth situation analysis of various health system bottlenecks, and various analysis on costing, budgeting, resource allocation, and health financing.

Dr. Akhter has a successful track record working with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Finance and other stakeholders in Bangladesh. Dr. Akhter has in-depth knowledge and experience working on the primary health care system in Bangladesh as well as on the country’s health systems management and health financing issues from the national to community level. Dr. Akhter is fluent in Bangla and English, with basic command of Arabic and French.

Dr. Akhter works in ThinkWell’s Bangladesh office as a senior technical advisor. She leads the Enhancing Essential Services Provision for Universal Health Coverage (EESPUHC), in the context of COVID-19 activity that is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gated Foundation

"ThinkWell's open approach fits very well with my aims and goals, as I believe in ‘the need of something different when the usual system is not working’ and dream of doing something big and impactful."


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