Selemane Gonçalves

Selemane Gonçalves

Provincial Learning and Adapting Manager, currently working in Mozambique

Selemane José Gonçalves is a general medicine technician and has a degree in clinical psychology. He has been managing clinical programs in the fight against HIV since 2012. He also supports the creation, implementation, and follow-up of strategies for pandemic response in Mozambique. He spent his last seven years with Columbia University’s ICAP, where for six years he was a clinical officer. Most recently, he served as a provincial program implementation officer in Nampula.

He currently resides in the city of Lichinga in northern Mozambique where he works for ThinkWell as a provincial learning and adapting manager.

"My motivation to join ThinkWell is because ThinkWell values innovation, dynamism, learning, and development."


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