Sechwayo Ngosa

Sechwayo Ngosa

Health Finance Governance Advisor, currently working in Zambia

Sechwayo Ngosa is a seasoned Health System and governance expert with experience in formulating, implementing, and coordinating health plans. He has experience in program monitoring, budget formulation, and Financial Accounting Management Systems (F.A.M.S) in Public Health Sector. He has worked with many local and international partners in bettering the lives of others through improved health. He holds a Master’s Degree in Economic Policy Management. He currently resides in the Southern Province of Zambia where he is contributing his expertise to a project that aims to improve reproductive, maternal, child, and adolescent health and nutrition outcomes.

"When the opportunity to join ThinkWell came along, it was an easy decision to make because the company boasts of a splendid and excellent reputation. ThinkWell is a thought leader in health sector and it challenges conventional way of doing things while pushing boundaries on new frontiers. I hope to learn more and grow with the organization


Falls visited: Victoria Falls and Chipoma Falls


Beaches visited: Zanzibar and Kariba


Languages spoken: English, Nyanja, Bemba

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