Nicholas Mwikairi

Nicholas Mwikairi

Program Officer, currently working in Kenya

Nick is a healthcare systems manager with ten years of progressive health systems strengthening experience in the public and private sectors in Kenya, with in-depth understanding of the devolved healthcare system. He has served in different roles including leadership in the implementation of the World Bank’s Transforming Health Services for Universal Health Coverage Program to promote Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health in Kenya.

Prior to joining ThinkWell, Nick also worked in the Government of Kenya’s health financing system, including in implementation of various financing mechanisms like the Kenya’s Health Sector Services Funds and donor  funds including those from the Danish International Development Agency, USAID, UNICEF and World Vision.

Starting as a frontline healthcare worker as a pharmacist, then progressing into management of various primary health delivery units in malaria, HIV, immunization and nutrition in Kenya, Nick has been in the ‘belly of the beast’ that is Africa’s health systems.  He is trained and is keenly interested in strategic purchasing for primary health services in resource limited set ups such as Kenya.

ThinkWell provides an opportunity for pragmatism, away from textbook solutions for health financing challenges that are unique to given contexts.

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