Marwan Rashid

Marwan Rashid

Senior Program Analyst, currently working in Bangladesh

Marwan Rashid started out his career as a software developer transitioning into consultancy for Microsoft partners in implementing business automation solutions. Before joining ThinkWell as a senior program analyst in Bangladesh, he worked for six years as a data analyst for an economics research and development firm focused on worker well-being in the garments sector in Bangladesh. His preferred tool of choice is the Python programming language and associated data analytics packages.

He joined the AUHC incubator operated by ThinkWell to provide support to the Surjer Hashi Network (SHN) clinics that represent one of the largest social health care enterprises in Bangladesh.

“Learning something new is what makes life enjoyably worth enduring. As an analyst, I hope to learn why the things in the project are the way they are and hopefully make it better in the process.”


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