Lisa Oganissian

Lisa Oganissian

Information Technology Director, currently working in USA

Lisa Oganissian is an experienced technology executive, architect, strategist, and creative. As a senior IT specialist, Lisa oversees the development and deployment of ThinkWell’s enterprise-wide global technology and communications systems.

A serial entrepreneur, Lisa has created and led numerous technology ventures. Notably, Lisa founded and built Merchantry, a leading cloud-based product information management provider with clients including Amazon, Marks & Spencer, Modell’s Sporting Goods. Under Lisa’s leadership, Merchantry attracted $15.9 million in venture financing and was successfully acquired for $30 million.

Prior to that, Lisa founded and served as CTO of QuantumArt, a technology and content management innovator that developed early solutions for leading organizations including Amazon, CBS Sportsline, Citibank, and Simon & Shuster. As chief technology officer, Lisa oversaw hundreds of implementations of QuantumArt’s content management solutions globally.

While a technologist at heart, Lisa’s spirit gravitates towards the ethereal arts. She’s an avid dancer, artist, student of ancient philosophies, and an accomplished chef.


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