Kurnia Ramadhani

Kurnia Ramadhani

Fellow in Program, currently working in Indonesia

Kurnia Ramadhani is a passionate health promoter with over 13 years of experience in both secondary and primary health care. She’s worked in hospitals to manage health services and developed gender equality in health care decision-making. She’s spent recent years improving maternal, adolescent, and child health in her primary health care working area. Free from stunting, maternal and neonatal deaths are her big goals. Kurnia brings a master’s in public health majoring in health promotion from the Universitas Diponegoro at Semarang, Indonesia, and possesses a Bachelor of Public Health from Universitas Airlangga at Surabaya, Indonesia. She now lives in Probolinggo, Indonesia with her husband and two sons. As a ThinkWell fellow, she is working on the project “pregnant women assistance” by the health care to ensure they take vitamins and maintain their health with purposed impacts are mothers without anemia and newborn baby without serious illness. 

"I joined ThinkWell to take action in empowering the community to improve maternal and child health. Moreover, igniting inspired innovation to ease access to primary health care services.” 


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