Kadidia Dissa Boro

Kadidia Dissa Boro

Data Analyst, currently working in Burkina Faso

Kadidia Dissa Boro specializes in administration and financing of health services. Prior to joining ThinkWell, Kadidia worked mainly for the Burkinab√© Ministry of Health since 2011. The experiences she acquired in the Ministry of Health’s departments and at Burkina Faso’s national health insurance fund have enabled her to build a solid knowledge of universal health coverage, universal health insurance, and health information systems. At ThinkWell, she is a data analyst for the Strategic Purchasing for Primary Health Care (SP4PHC) project. She holds a master’s degree in health services administration from the National School of Administration and Judiciary in Burkina Faso.

"I joined ThinkWell to play a role in achieving universal health coverage, especially in Africa where health care is not always accessible to people."


Languages spoken fluently: French and Dioula


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