Jessica Cabana

Jessica Cabana

Senior Program Finance Analyst, currently working in USA

Jessica’s career path of 15 years and has been centered around empowering those whom have worked alongside her in the fields of finance, accounting, planning, logistics and Instructing. An educator at heart, Jessica believes sharing knowledge is the fundamental element in making tomorrow a better place for the generations to come. She has adopted the US Army slogan “adapt and overcome” and applied that to her constant changing environment in supporting the United States Armed Forces in the capacity as a Finance and Accounting Operations expert.  Her most exciting yet meaningful role was held as an Instructor/Facilitator implementing and training in excess of 150,000 soldiers, DOD personnel, civilians, Third Country Nationals and consultants across the globe reaching the largest government training initiative in history.  Her role in the SAP ERP Implementation streamlined dozens of outdated “stovepipe” legacy systems, merging millions of data files into a single source solution to synchronize the day to day operations of financial logistics requirements. She has studied multiple fields and mastered the fundamentals in material management procurement, property book assets allocation and accountability, logistics planning, Budget Management and Reporting using Business Intelligence Reports. She was drawn to ThinkWell for the unconventional, “outside the box” creative solutions method that demand change.  She is an outdoor and traveling enthusiast who loves health and fitness and helps motivate those around her to push beyond their own limitations.




continents and 17 countries lived and/or visited


years stay-at-home mom


hikes, zip lining, parasailing, skydiving, rock climbing, kayaking, snorkeling, and other adventures!

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