Ismael Ouedraogo

Ismael Ouedraogo

Operations Specialist, currently working in Burkina Faso

After studying economics-management with a specialization in accounting and finance, Ismael Ouedraogo first worked in an audit firm, but his interest in development led him to several development NGOs. He has dabbled in everything from logistics to accounting to human resource management. He has now acquired the necessary knowledge to be a good office manager. At ThinkWell, he is an operations specialist in Burkina Faso. He has two masters, one in economics for the management of companies and organizations and the other in law, economics, and international management.

"I joined ThinkWell to play a role in achieving universal health coverage, especially in Africa where health care is not always accessible to people, and to also learn about health financing systems."


pets: one dog and four guinea pigs


countries visited


languages spoken: French, English, Mooré, and Dioula

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