Immita Manal

Immita Manal

Business Analyst, currently working in Bangladesh

Immita comes from a moderately diverse background. After completing her undergrads in Mathematics from University of Sussex, she joined KPMG to study Chartered Accountancy. Immita joined Sajida Foundation four years later as General Manager of Internal Audit where she was in charge of conducting audits of almost 200 branches all over Bangladesh. Later,  she became General Manager of Finance of the same organization. Afterward, Immita joined Tabaq as Finance Controller, where I helped establish the entire finance system and helped the expansion of the company. Immita joins ThinkWell as Business Analyst for the AUHC project and is based in Bangladesh.


countries visited so far, with plans to visit many more


beloved hobbies, reading books and traveling


online bakery run in her spare time

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