Francisco Macandja

Francisco Macandja

Health Financing , currently working in Mozambique

Francisco is a certified accounting specialist and is a member of the Order of Accountants and Auditors of Mozambique. He holds a BSc in Economics from the Eduardo Mondlane University and a certification in Planning and Budgeting from Africa Management Development Institute (AMADI) of Swaziland. His expertise extends to financial administration systems including the e-SISTAFE and various project management and monitoring and evaluations tools. Francisco has developed budget proposals for the African Development Bank during his tenure as Financial Manager at the Directorate of Agriculture in Maputo and performed credit risk analysis for the International Commercial Bank Mozambique. Working on ThinkWell’s Health Policy Plus Project, Francisco uses his financial management expertise to strengthen planning and budgeting systems at the Central Warehouse Management (CMAM) of the Ministry of Health.

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