Elida Craven

Elida Craven

Senior Accountant, currently working in USA

Elida has diverse experience in various industries including banking, teaching, service, managed commercial security, and most recently in the accounting field for over 7 years. Prior to ThinkWell, Elida worked for an academic healthcare institution based in Texas as an internal auditor. Prior to that, she was an internal auditor for a multi-national insurance company and an auditor for a public CPA firm. Elida double majored at the University of Houston and earned her BBA in finance and entrepreneurship as well as a Master of Science in accounting, and obtained her certified public accountant license. The common thread throughout all the industries she has worked in is service.  At ThinkWell, Elida will support accounting and financing functions.

I believe in the right of people everywhere to have access to quality healthcare. Being a part of affecting positive change in peoples’ lives around the world inspires me every day at ThinkWell.




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