Daniel Koech

Daniel Koech

Senior Program Analyst, currently working in Kenya

Daniel has over ten years experience as an economist for the government of Kenya as well as local and international consultancy firms. While in Kenya’s Ministry of Devolution and Economic Planning, he coordinated and supported decentralized economic development planning, annual budgeting, and monitoring and evaluation for six years as an economist. He was part of the initial team of economists who facilitated the establishment of the Economic Planning and Budgeting units of Kenya’s devolved governments.

Previously, he worked for Palladium International Group as an Economist/Budget Analyst providing technical support on the Afya Pwani project. In this role, he helped the Health Departments of coastal counties in Kenya improve their health financing capabilities including budgeting, planning, monitoring, and evaluation. He is fluent in English and Swahili. He is a graduate of the University of Nairobi School of Economics.

At ThinkWell, he is a senior program analyst in Kilifi, Kenya for Strategic Purchasing for Primary Health Care (SP4PHC) project.

“The panacea to greater health benefits from limited resources is robust and effective health financing systems based on sound governance’’


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