Caroline Mohan

Caroline Mohan

Communications Specialist, currently working in USA

Since 2019, Caroline has worked as a content creator and editor for nonprofits in the DC area. She’s collaborated on everything from annual reports to deep-dive research reports and loves to scavenge exciting details from dense technical writing.

Caroline earned a B.A. in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication from James Madison University, where she found her knack for writing for NGOs. As a member of the ThinkWell communications team, she’ll work with leadership and the projects team to create long-form and organizational writing that is compelling, informative, and human.

“ThinkWell falls at the intersection of people and policy, and I see a bright and equal future in the research that the organization does and the progress it helps create. Writing about issues that often get lost in the mix of international health is just one way I’m excited to contribute.”


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