Boniface Mbuthia

Boniface Mbuthia

Technical Advisor, PFM, currently working in Kenya

Boniface has extensive experience in healthcare financing in Kenya for health programs that have made positive contributions in strengthening health systems and improving better access to quality health services in collaboration with both the National Ministry of Health and County Departments of Health. Prior to ThinkWell, he has worked as a Consultant on public finance in the health sector with the world-bank and ThinkWell.

He has implemented a variety of programs in the health sector to include Maternal and Newborn Improvement (MANI) where he implemented Results Based Financing interventions and Health Systems Strengthening  with Options Consultancy, with PwC where he implemented the Reproductive Health – Output Based Approach (RH-OBA) in Kenya and participated in mentoring other voucher programs implemented in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Nigeria. and with AAR Health services where he provided support in the development, administration and roll out of health schemes for the private health sector.

He is passionate about connecting public health finances to improved quality service delivery, especially as the world discusses the implementation of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

"We are a sum total of what we have learned from all who have taught us, both great and small." -- Myles Munroe

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