Aude Goumbri

Aude Goumbri

Project Management Intern, currently working in Burkina Faso

At Thinkwell, Aude is a project management intern assisting the country director in health financing stakeholders’ coordination. She previously worked as a consultant in organization and management in a consulting firm that specialized in social protection and insurance sectors. Aude has been a national volunteer as public relations and policy advocacy advisor at her country’s National Universal Health Insurance Fund.

Aude holds a master’s degree in international development from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po Paris)’s School of International Affairs. Aude also holds a certification in business creation and management from Limoges Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

"I joined ThinkWell to make a change that make a sense for me by playing my part in my country health system development."


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Languages spoken: French, English, Portuguese, and Mooré


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