Anooj Pattnaik

Anooj Pattnaik

Senior Technical Advisor, currently working in USA

Dr. Anooj Pattnaik joined ThinkWell in 2019 with the goal of supporting countries to assess the real-world challenges facing their health systems and codesign pragmatic paths forward.

Anooj most recently was leading efforts to evaluate how family planning programs, especially those targeting the youth, were being implemented across Malawi using innovate digital health methods at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Prior to this, Anooj was at the World Bank evaluating how countries were implementing a range of policies and programs related to universal health coverage.  Anooj got his start in public health in post-Katrina New Orleans working alongside local and state health departments to evaluate their health systems and design quality improvement projects.  Anooj has a DrPH and MPH from Johns Hopkins, specializing in health systems and finance.

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