Amandio Manuel

Amandio Manuel

Senior Program Analyst, currently working in Mozambique

Before joining ThinkWell in Mozambique, Amandio Manuel worked at the Cooperation and Planning Directorate and at the Central of Medicines and Medical Articles in Planning and Monitoring in Response for the Emergencies in the Ministry of Health as technical assistance for the World Health Organization. In that role, he supported planning and budgeting of infrastructure construction, purchase of personal protective equipment, laboratory equipment, tests for Covid-19, consumables medicine, and ambulances.

Previously, he worked as a coordinator of the PROSAUDE III Programmatic Technical Unit at the Ministry of Health, Head of the Department of Planning and Cooperation at the Provincial Health Directorate of Cabo Delgado in Mozambique.

At ThinkWell, he is a senior program analyst working on a Bill & Melinda Gates-supported project titled “Covid-19 Essential Health Services & Response Coordination in Mozambique.”

Amandio holds a master’s degree in regional and local economic development from the at Catholic University of Mozambique in Pemba. He is pursuing an MPH at the Catholic University of Mozambique in Maputo.

He is from Mueda, Cabo Delgado but currently lives in Maputo, Mozambique.

“I joined ThinkWell to improve health systems development and help countries to achieve universal health coverage. I'm committed to working with health systems planning, management, and financing analysis mechanisms.”




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