Objective 1: Improved Sustainability of GOI Financing for Health

Our main goal with Objective 1 is to merge reliable, research-backed information into the decision-making process of the GOI, boosting sustainable health care funding for improved health results. Partnering with the MOH and using a hands-on learning approach, HFA aims to establish a culture of evidence-driven policy tailored for Indonesia, fostering collaboration among stakeholders and promoting openness. By adopting policies grounded in solid evidence, we can effectively manage resources, make well-informed financial decisions, allocate resources wisely, and gather the necessary support for a lasting health care financing system.

Objective 2: Strategic health purchasing mechanisms and capacities improved

Under Objective 2, our mission is to enhance the decision-making capabilities of key health governance players to ensure that health care services are obtained efficiently and cost-effectively. Boosting the cost-effectiveness of health care purchasing can significantly improve the overall sustainability of health financing. By leveraging strategic purchasing, we can create the right incentives throughout the system to reduce waste, contain costs, and prioritize health promotion and prevention.

In Indonesia, ThinkWell leads USAID’s Health Financing Activity (HFA), a five-year, $15 million contract awarded in 2019. HFA is a technical assistance project designed to strengthen local capacity in financial analyses, stakeholder engagement, learning, and decision-making. We support the Ministry of Health’s leadership and vision to improve financial protection, equitable access to quality health services, and health outcomes.