In Indonesia, in collaboration with the government and local partners, the Health Financing Activity furthers USAID’s health systems strengthening agenda. We provide support to the government in order to enhance and optimize health financing for improved financial protection, equitable access to high-quality health services, and better health outcomes in key areas such as HIV, tuberculosis, and maternal and newborn health. Our technical support focuses on enhancing the selection and design of health financing policies, particularly in relation to the country’s national health insurance scheme (Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional – JKN).

We work hand-in-hand with the Indonesian government to create governance processes that contextualize technical solutions, monitor policy impact, and address challenges for successful implementation at all levels of the health system.  By bolstering local abilities to produce evidence and partake in significant policy discussions, we create a strong foundation of for the Government of Indonesia (GOI) to build a robust policy process that effectively engages key stakeholders, routinely incorporates high-quality evidence, and delivers sound policies for universal health coverage (UHC).


The goal of HFA is to sustain and increase the efficiency in financing for health to improve financial protection, equitable access to quality health services, and health outcomes in the USAID priority areas of HIV, tuberculosis, and maternal and newborn health. HFA’s vision for transformation is rooted in our theory of change. Our hypothesis is that effective engagement of key stakeholders, routine use of high-quality evidence, and leveraging available windows of opportunity will drive efficient and impactful policy change. Evidence-based policy change will allow for strengthened stewardship of resources, informed public financial management, resource optimization, and resource mobilization to create a sustainable health financing system. The theory of change is illustrated in HFA’s Results Framework and Logic Model, which shows the strategic domains and chain of results that build strong health financing institutions and policy processes.

HFA Results Framework and Logic Model

In Indonesia, ThinkWell leads USAID’s Health Financing Activity (HFA), a five-year, $15 million contract awarded in 2019. HFA is a technical assistance project designed to strengthen local capacity in financial analyses, stakeholder engagement, learning, and decision-making. We support the Ministry of Health’s leadership and vision to improve financial protection, equitable access to quality health services, and health outcomes.