Social Health Insurance Design Tools

ThinkWell engaged with the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B) to facilitate the design of social health insurance in Bangladesh.

Structuring the Purchasing Agent: A Global Review

ThinkWell conducted global applied research and lesson learning on 30 different health insurance funds across the globe to understanding the range of structural and governance arrangements for the insurance purchaser. Specifically, ThinkWell examined arrangements for legal structure, program autonomy, fiscal freedom, and operational latitude. This research ultimately led to the creation of a purchaser structuring tool to help countries determine the optimal configuration to fit their own contexts.

Designing the Benefits Package: A Cost Modeling Tool

ThinkWell developed a benefits package modeling tool to help countries understand the fiscal implications of changes to the the insurance benefits package, including modifying benefits, changes in copayment rates, and changes in disease burden. This tool is has been used in a variety of settings including Nepal, Tanzania, Liberia, and Mozambique.

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