In partnership with the German Agency for International Cooperation and Swiss Development Cooperation, ThinkWell provided the Tanzania Ministry of Health strategic support to design and implement their national results-based financing (RBF) program. The approach began with a week-long, high-level strategic workshop to develop the core design elements of the program. Next, we provided intensive technical assistance to develop the RBF program’s design and the necessary implementation systems, processes, and tools. This work involved conducting a range of rigorous assessments, including assessments of health facility quality, institutional capacity, social accountability, supply chain, health management information systems, RBF program cost, and health facility readiness for RBF. We also analyzed other countries’ experiences and lessons learned from implementing RBF programs. Throughout the process, we strengthened government counterparts’ capacity to conduct trainings on results-based financing programs and how to integrate RBF systems into the national health care financing strategy. ThinkWell then provided long-term, in-country technical assistance to support the MOH’s roll-out of the national RBF system.