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The Mozambique Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism Services (MMEMS) project conducts monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) activities. It specifically advances performance monitoring, data verification, and impact evaluations for USAID’s Mozambique Mission. As part of the project, ThinkWell collected and organized information on the private health care sector. ThinkWell’s report analyzed the enabling environment and provided insight on the potential barriers and incentives for the private sector’s contribution to primary health care access. We shared the report’s findings during a technical workshop with private sector stakeholders.

Breaking New Ground

In recent years, the private health sector in Mozambique has grown rapidly, especially in urban areas. Despite this, the Mozambican government has not fully tapped into the private sector to complement its existing healthcare delivery efforts. To help explore this opportunity, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) contracted Management Systems International and ThinkWell to landscape private health sector actors and gather preliminary information on the private actors active in supply chain – an area of specific interest to the Ministry of Health (MoH).


Despite progress, the Mozambican health sector still struggles to respond to its population’s health needs. In addition, many health challenges persist, particularly in the areas of infectious disease and maternal and child health. Accurate information would help both public and private stakeholders identify health challenges and system gaps where the private health sector could potentially help the MoH to address health issues.


ThinkWell conducted a comprehensive private sector landscape analysis to identify key stakeholders, estimate the private health sector size and scope of activities, and detect challenges from the policy and regulatory environment and market conditions. Using a market-based approach, the team also conducted a rapid assessment to understand the dynamics and relationships between public, private, and donor driven supply chains.


Our report represents the first attempt to systematically organize and publicize information on the private health sector in Mozambique. The analysis informed a workshop dialogue with key stakeholders from private companies and development partners from the public and private healthcare supply chain. Workshop participants harnessed the analysis to better understand challenges and discuss potential solutions to strengthen private sector engagement in the healthcare sector. During the workshop, participants produced key recommendations that could boost the private sector’s role in the public health supply chain.

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