Building Evidence in Mozambique to Support HIV Program Expansion

Evaluating the Impact of HIV/TB Interventions

ThinkWell has formed a local research partnership with Fundação Ariel Glaser contra o SIDA Pediátrico (“Ariel”), a Mozambican foundation working to increase and support country-led HIV programming and expand local capacity. ThinkWell is conducting an impact evaluation to inform further expansion of several new approaches to increase access and retention of HIV and TB patients on treatment.

We are conducting rigorous evaluation for two interventions:

  • mobile platform usage to rationalize and support community health workers; and
  • leveraging mobile brigade to improve ARV distribution.

ThinkWell is working on design of the impact evaluation’s methodology, writing and submitting protocols, and guiding data collection and analysis.

Conducting a Nationwide Time & Motion Study

ThinkWell is also conducting a national time & motion study. The objective of the study is to provide information of public health professionals’ activities in primary health care facilities and to estimate duration of health workers’ consultations. This information, disaggregated per type of patient, health facility, and health worker category, will inform decision makers on the impact of new HIV and TB protocols and programs on staff workload.

ThinkWell is conducting an observational study, based on a representative sample of facilities and professionals in primary health care across the country. Data collectors, equipped with a mobile device enabling easy and reliable collection of information and further analysis, will observe selected health workers on-site at their workplaces.

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