We would like to thank the following people:


Rachel Botha for Meet Our People

Iva Djurovic for Our Projects – Results-based Financing Quality of Care

Alex Ergo for Our Projects – Designing Universal Health Coverage Strategies for Myanmar and Nepal

Michelle Ferng for Our Projects – Designing National Health Insurance in Liberia

Riccardo Gangale/VectorWorks for Our Projects – Analyzing Costs of Clustered Randomized Control Trials

Sarah Hoibak/VectorWorks for Our Projects – Building Country Capacity for Immunization Delivery Costing Evidence Use

Kimberly Hirsh for What We Do – Research & Evaluation, Our Projects – Bottlenecks to Achieving Universal Health Coverage and Strengthening Maternal and Child Health in Pakistan, Our Projects – Contracting Out for the MSPP in Haiti and Technical Assistance for Health System in Haiti, Contact Us and Photo Credits

Zahidul Karim Salim, courtesy of Photoshare, for Our Projects – Public Financial Management of Primary Education in Bangladesh

David Lazar for Our Projects – Financing Health and Education Workforce Development in Lesotho and Our Projects – Assessing Public-Private Partnerships in Kenya

Bremen Leak/Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, courtesy of Photoshare, for Our Projects – Launch of National Results-based Financing in Tanzania

Sohel Parvez Haque for Our Projects – Annual Program Review of Bangladesh Health Sector

Cory Plowman, courtesy of Photoshare, for Our Projects – Assessing the Voucher System in Madagascar

Yogesh Rajkotia for Our Story, What We Do – Governance and What We Do – Private Sector

Alamsyah Rauf, courtesy of Photoshare, for Our Projects – Assessing the Private Sector in Indonesia

Arturo Zanabria, courtesy of Photoshare, for Our Projects – Leveraging Savings Schemes to Expand Social Health Protection in Zambia and Our Projects – Assessing the Supply Chain for Rapid Test Kits in Mozambique

Syed Ziaul Habib Roobon, courtesy of Photoshare, for Our Projects – Social Health Insurance Design Tools