Aduragbemi Banke-Thomas is a physician, public health, health policy and finance expert, and researcher with over 12 years of progressive professional experience, working in academia, public and private sectors across the globe. After his medical degree, Aduragbemi completed his Master’s in Public Health (with distinction) and another in Health Policy and Programme Management, as part of the Erasmus Mundus Europubhealth programme. Subsequently, Aduragbemi obtained his PhD in International Public Health. At ThinkWell, I will be working on the Strategic Purchasing for Primary Health Care (SP4PHC) project and with the Burkina Faso team.


unsuccessful attempt to have a pet


languages spoken


dream destination – Space!


countries visited on Earth (and counting!)

Rhoda Bennet is a seasoned global human resources (HR) manager with 22 years of deep-rooted knowledge and global experience in providing strategic direction and operational delivery of HR plans for the organization. She holds deep expertise in decision-making, strategic thinking, interpersonal, and ethical conduct skills. As a talent manager at ThinkWell, she partners with the leadership team to understand and execute the organization’s human resource and talent strategy, mainly related to current and future talent needs, recruiting, retention, and succession planning. Her forte lies in streamlining and redesigning standard HR policies that are compliant with local laws and regulations. She’s an expert in leading global HR cross-cultural teams, thereby optimizing efficiencies and costs. She holds an MSc in Human Resources Management, and is currently pursuing a professional doctorate in the UK.



African countries supported


church service attended each week


teenage children


coastal food varieties cooked

Matt Boxshall joined ThinkWell to drive forward work on strategic purchasing for primary health care. Building from frontline service delivery experience in Africa and Asia, Matt has become increasingly involved in policy and health financing, and is passionate about unlocking the potential of systems to deliver quality care to those most in need.  Matt is a director on the Strategic Purchasing for Family Planning project for ThinkWell.

Dr. Cal Pierce is a UK-trained physician with almost a decade of experience in strategy consulting, business development, and clinical research. Prior to joining ThinkWell, Dr. Cal spent six years living and working in the Kingdom of Eswatini, most recently with the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI). During his tenure, he founded and then managed the first Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Program at CHAI, raising over $4 million dollars to support the scale-up of essential primary care services for NCD in the Kingdom. At ThinkWell, Dr. Cal provides technical support to a number of projects spanning health financing and health system strengthening.


kilometres ran last year


guest appearances in Swati national newspapers


languages (rudimentally) spoken: siSwati and Polish

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