Monaemul Sizear started his career at NGO Forum for Public Health after completing honors and a masters in Anthropology. Later, he was awarded a scholarship by USAID to enroll MPH program at James P Grant School of Public Health. After accomplishing the degree, he joined at icddr,b and switched at Sajida Foundation, where he contributed to developing the WASH unit and expanding the organization’s development project portfolio. After four years, he joined WaterAid, where he contributed to demonstrating a sustainable sanitation business model at the national level. Before joining ThinkWell, he accomplished a master’s in Urban Development & Policy from Erasmus University Rotterdam, being a World Bank scholar.

Sizear is an enthusiastic public health professional with over 7 years of experience with the government and development partners in the health system, environmental health, behavior change, business model, and WASH to achieve SDGs and UHC. In addition, he has a few publications to his credit. He envisions utilizing expertise to mitigate overwhelming health challenges and bring an evidence-based sustainable solution to create a societal impact. He is always excited to see how policy designs turn into actions and results.

Sizear works in ThinkWell’s Bangladesh as a Senior Program Analyst to contribute to the “Enhancing Essential Services Provision for Universal Health Coverage in the context of COVID-19” project.


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Dr. Shamima Akhter is a public health scientist and health economist with over 16 years of experience in health systems strengthening, health financing, and conducting epidemiological and health systems research. Dr. Akhter has focused on service delivery at the primary health care level including maternal and child health, reproductive health, family planning, neglected tropical diseases, and non-communicable diseases. She has contributed to numerous publications in these areas. Dr. Akhter has worked at various primary health care (PHC) facilities to explore the delivery of ESP services like ANC and PNC, EmONC, immunization, FP, and NCD care. Dr. Akhter has also conducted a number of projects involving policy reviews, stakeholder analysis, explorative reviews with national policymakers, in-depth situation analysis of various health system bottlenecks, and various analysis on costing, budgeting, resource allocation, and health financing.

Dr. Akhter has a successful track record working with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Finance and other stakeholders in Bangladesh. Dr. Akhter has in-depth knowledge and experience working on the primary health care system in Bangladesh as well as on the country’s health systems management and health financing issues from the national to community level. Dr. Akhter is fluent in Bangla and English, with basic command of Arabic and French.

Dr. Akhter works in ThinkWell’s Bangladesh office as a senior technical advisor. She leads the Enhancing Essential Services Provision for Universal Health Coverage (EESPUHC), in the context of COVID-19 activity that is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gated Foundation


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Tarek Hossain is a public health practitioner competent to identify problems, develop and execute research/development projects, gather field data, analyze qualitative and quantitative data, and produce tangible deliverables. Mr. Hossain brings experience in the areas of Health System, Health Financing, Maternal and Child Health, Urban Health, Private Health Service Providers (retail drug shops), Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the country context. In positions with organizations such as the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b); BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University, he has led and coordinated and research studies, development projects, capacity building initiatives, policy formation, process improvement, and overall planning to meet the objective(s) of these activities. He has experience working with different government departments under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), Ministry of Finance (MOF), and partnering with a range of stakeholders to increase the utilization of evidence-based research and policy advocacy for health sector planning and decision making. He has conducted several projects using mixed-method approaches, policy review, stakeholder analysis, explorative review with national policymakers, and in-depth situation analysis of various health system bottlenecks. Over the years, Mr. Hossain has also developed his expertise in policy communications, designing and organizing policy dialogues, round table discussions, seminars, and developing scientific materials on critical public health issues.

Mr. Hossain holds an MPH in Epidemiology from American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) and an MSS in Anthropology from the Jahangirnagar University in Bangladesh.

Mr. Hossain works in Bangladesh Office as a Technical Advisor. He provides technical leadership and strategic guidance to internal project teams and external partners (government departments, local entities, etc.). He is responsible for growing the portfolio by ensuring high-quality technical project execution in Bangladesh.


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Afroja Yesmin is an experienced project and research management professional who’s worked in both national and international organizations. She has over seven years of experience in public health project and research management, mostly focusing on maternal and sexual reproductive health and family planning. Before joining ThinkWell, Afroja worked as the national project manager of a multi-country post-partum family planning project at the Obstetrical and Gynecological Society of Bangladesh. Afroja holds an MPH with honors in microbiology. At ThinkWell, Afroja is a senior program analyst with the “Enhancing Essential Services Provision for Universal Health Coverage (EESPUHC), in the context of COVID-19” project in Bangladesh.


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Mursaleena Islam, PhD, is a program director and senior economist with over 20 years of experience in the US, Asia, and Africa, including Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Liberia, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Tanzania, and Vietnam. Dr. Islam specializes in health financing (including immunization financing), strategic partnerships, policy analysis, and program design.

Dr. Islam works closely with country governments and private sector clients on financial sustainability, health sector policy, insurance, innovative health financing, and strategic planning. Currently, she provides strategic direction to a private sector incubator to transform a network of clinics into a financially viable social enterprise in Bangladesh, focusing on market access and innovative financing. Her recent roles include Chief of Party of USAID Sustainable Financing for HIV in Vietnam and Country Manager for USAID’s Health Finance and Governance (HFG) Project in Bangladesh. She supported these countries to improve domestic financing for health, including policy engagement, resource mobilization and allocation, health insurance, and strategic planning and implementation.

Dr. Islam was the technical lead for health systems at the Gavi Secretariat in Geneva where she led the redesign of Gavi’s immunization financing approach with a systems strengthening focus and with performance based financing. She provided support to countries on resource allocation and program design. On the USAID-funded Health Systems 20/20 project, Dr. Islam managed and led the publication, Health Systems Assessment Approach: A How-To Manual. Assessments were conducted in over 25 countries using the manual. Dr. Islam has presented at conferences and facilitated multiple workshops.

Mursaleena Islam has a BSc in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, her MA in economics from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, USA, and her Ph.D. in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.


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Syed Najibullah has been working in the development sector since 2010 with exposure in different facets of project management, namely needs assessment, project conception, design and development, operational planning and budgeting, M&E, research and reporting, etc. in diverse project context, especially in the realm of inclusive finance, livelihood and empowerment, and entrepreneurship development.

Prior to joining ThinkWell, he worked with the Institute of Inclusive Finance and Development (InM), funded by UKAid DFID, and looked after capacity building interventions, targeted for the microfinance practitioners and implemented through twenty-four partner NGO-MFIs across the country, as well as international projects with counterparts in Thailand, Nepal, and China. He also played a strategic role in setting up an incubation center at BRAC University to promote start-up culture among the students. Besides, Najibullah successfully contributed to consulting assignments in myriad areas, including economic empowerment, financial inclusion, microenterprise development, strategic and sustainability planning, and municipal finance, funded by WFP, European Union, UNCDF, ADB, etc.

In his early career, Najibullah also had a short stint in the banking and manufacturing sectors. He is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), UK and holds a Master in Islamic Finance degree from INCEIF, Malaysia and an MBA in Finance from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

At the AUHC incubator operated by ThinkWell, Najibullah brings programmatic and strategic insight to guide informed decision making for the sustainability of Surjer Hashi Network (SHN), the largest health care social enterprise in the world.


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Immita Amena comes from a diverse background. After completing her undergrads in Mathematics from University of Sussex, she joined KPMG to study Chartered Accountancy. Immita joined Sajida Foundation four years later as General Manager of Internal Audit where she was in charge of conducting audits of almost 200 branches all over Bangladesh. Later,  she became General Manager of Finance of the same organization. Afterward, Immita joined Tabaq as Finance Controller, where I helped establish the entire finance system and helped the expansion of the company. Immita joined ThinkWell as Business Analyst for the AUHC project and is based in Bangladesh.


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Zahangir has around 10 years of experience in accounting, finance, and assurance services. Before joining ThinkWell as Manager Financial Administration he has worked in many for-profit and non-profit international organizations since 2007. During this long journey, Zahangir had to work with multidisciplinary and multicultural people. As a professional he is able to meet new challenges, is highly motivated and able to work both independently and in a team setting.

He has a master’s degree in Business Studies. He also completed Chartered Accountancy Course from HVC & Co., an Independent Correspondent Firm to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.


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