Institute for Collaborative Development Changes Name to ThinkWell

10 September 2014

Effective with the new year, Institute for Collaborative Development (ICD) has changed its name to ThinkWell. Along with the name change, we have a new logo, new color scheme and a new website.

After nearly four years known as ICD, why the change?

“I founded ICD with a small team of emerging experts and a vision to bring transformative  solutions to development problems,” Yogesh Rajkotia, Founder & CEO explained. “As we’ve grown over the years, we felt it was important to communicate our identity such that it better captures our ethos, culture, and way of seeing the world. We stand for more than a generic development acronym — we represent a fresh, challenging, cutting-edge approach to development. I hope our new brand conveys this.”

What does ThinkWell mean? First and foremost, we bring a thoughtful approach that is both practical and grounded. We “think” beyond broad ideologies and generic models, and focus on context, what is doable, and what is politically acceptable. We are bold and creative — a “well” of ideas, options, and solutions.

We hope you enjoy the fresh new colors and unusual vertical orientation. The vertical design is a nod to the water well, and the blue is symbolic of that.

What to Expect

ThinkWell maintains the same energetic team and provides the same quality services as before. Our services are unchanged.

In addition to our new website, each team member has a new email address ending in, which you will find on the Our Team page. Please take some time to enjoy the new website and check regularly for updated content. We would be delighted to hear any feedback!