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ThinkWell Joins the Global Partnership for Social Accountability

ThinkWell has joined the World Bank Group’s Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA). The partnership consists of over 200 organizations from around the world from civil society, the donor community, private sector and academia working to strengthen citizen-driven accountability and transparency. The GPSA’s goal is to create an enabling environment in which citizen feedback is […]

Arab Spring or More of the Same? Participatory Governance in Tunisia

Tunisia’s revolution is often cited as the first in the series of regional uprisings known as the "Arab Spring". Dissatisfaction with public services, oppressed civic engagement and structural inequalities served as the catalyst for a wave of civil protests and violent clashes throughout Tunisia. And with little opportunity to voice their discontent, Tunisians took to […]

12.12.14 is Universal Health Coverage Day

The United Nations has endorsed the first ever universal health coverage (UHC) day ( on December 12th. ThinkWell believes strongly in UHC and is engaged in various research and implementation projects to support countries who are working toward UHC. Funded by the World Health Organization’s Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (WHO EMRO), ThinkWell conducted research and analysis to identify bottlenecks […]

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