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There is a global pandemic – and we still lack fuel and airtime?

06 May 2020

This piece originally appeared on P4H Governments around the world are scrambling to get their hands on personal protective equipment, test kits, ventilators and oxygen. But on the frontlines of service delivery in Kenya, we are also hearing about local health officials and facility managers needing money for more mundane things like fuel for ambulances and airtime […]

Beyond COVID-19: Bridging Divides Between Health and Food Systems

05 May 2020

Now more than ever, the spotlight is shining on the entrenched relationship between health and food. The COVID-19 pandemic has moved dozens of health systems to the brink in low-, middle- and even in high-income countries, and threatens to undermine food systems around the world. If more corrective action is not taken, we are at […]


COVID-19: How We’re Taking Action

30 March 2020

Dear ThinkWell community, The COVID-19 pandemic has rattled health systems and upended people’s lives around the globe. As the virus spreads into countries where we work, ThinkWell has mobilized to support COVID-19 response efforts. At the same time, we are dedicated to protecting our team’s safety and reducing the virus’s spread. In collaboration with local […]

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