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family planning burkina faso

Le déploiement de la planification familiale gratuite au Burkina Faso améliore le choix, mais qui va payer ?

22 January 2021

Article by Matt Boxshall

Malgré de nombreux défis concurrents, le gouvernement du Burkina Faso continue de démontrer son engagement en faveur des droits à la santé sexuelle et reproductive. En juillet 2020, le ministère de la Santé a entrepris d’améliorer l’équité et l’accès à la planification familiale en étendant la « Gratuité » pour fournir les services de PF […]

family planning burkina faso

Rolling Out Free Family Planning in Burkina Faso is Improving Choice, But Who Will Pay?

20 January 2021

Article by Matt Boxshall

This post originally appeared on Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters Despite many competing challenges, the Government of Burkina Faso continues to demonstrate its commitment to sexual and reproductive health rights. In July 2020, Burkina’s Ministry of Health (MoH) moved to improve equity and access to family planning (FP) by extending ‘Gratuité’ – a user fee […]

indonesia covid

Presenting Research at the Annual Scientific Forum of the Indonesian Public Health Association

08 December 2020

Article by Prastuti Soewondo

Written by Prastuti Soewondo, Halimah Mardani, and Nadhila Adani ThinkWell’s Indonesia team presented research findings from three studies at the Annual Scientific Forum of the Indonesian Public Health Association on November 24-26, 2020. The conference was conducted by the Indonesian Public Health Association, Ministry for National Development and Planning, UNFPA, and Faculty of Public Health […]


Ten Take-Aways from the Health Systems Research (HSR2020) Symposium

20 November 2020

Article by Leah Breen

At the Sixth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR2020) from November 7-12, ThinkWell joined over 2,000 policymakers, practitioners, and researchers from more than 100 countries to “explore how we can build health systems which improve people’s health and are socially just.” Some of our Kenya, Burkina Faso, Philippines and US-based staff shared their take-aways […]

philippines climate change

Health system adaptation to climate change: a perspective from Antique, Philippines

18 November 2020

Article by Gelo Apostol

Written by Geminn Louis Apostol, Jemar Anne Sigua, Mary Camille Samson, and Leonicio Abiera Jr. UPDATE: The presentation can be viewed here. The Global Climate Risk Index 2020 ranked the Philippines second on its list of countries most affected by extreme weather events related to climate change in 2018. Building health system resilience in the […]

immunization campaign costing

Immunization campaigns during the Covid-19 pandemic: A rapid analysis of the additional operational cost

08 July 2020

The below content is presented as a poster at the Virtual COVID-19 Conference on July 10-11, 2020. It was prepared by Christina Banks and Laura Boonstoppel. This work was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Background Most mass immunization campaigns have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic Precautionary measures will need to […]

HIV primary healthcare

Primary care for HIV positive patients in Mozambique: Findings from a nation-wide time and motion study

06 July 2020

The below content is presented as a poster at the AIDS2020 virtual conference on July 6-10, 2020.  It can be viewed on the AIDS2020 website here. The poster was prepared by Flavia Moi, Federica Fabozzi, Michela Romanelli, and Jorge Cabral.  Background With an estimated 2.2 million people living with HIV—for a prevalence of 12.6% among […]

Infant Vaccination mother healthworker

UPDATE: The additional operational cost of conducting immunization campaigns during the Covid-19 pandemic

09 June 2020

Article by Laura Boonstoppel

Note: This is an update of a post that was published on the 15th of May. This update reflects newly published guidance from WHO on the implementation of campaigns in the context of COVID-19. Many immunization campaigns have been suspended to prevent increased COVID-19 transmission, but some campaigns will nevertheless need to go ahead, with […]

Road with palm trees

Strengthening Evidence Around Funding Flows to Health Care Providers

03 February 2020

Article by Leah Breen

When a pregnant woman in Kenya or a child with fever in Indonesia visits a clinic, a purchasing agency will pay a health provider for the services the patient receives. For a single service, funds often flow from different purchasing agencies to health providers through a mix of payments. Many countries are trying to change […]

Group of Mozambican training participants with completion certificates

Solving Mozambique’s 90-second Health Check-ups with a Workload Tool

08 January 2020

Article by Leah Breen

In most Mozambican health facilities, patients’ time with health professionals is a scarce commodity. When a parent brings their child to a health facility for a “healthy child consultation,” the check-up lasts only 90 seconds on average. Mozambicans living with HIV can expect an outpatient consultation to last 10 minutes. When a woman gives birth […]

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