BBC Media Action and WHO Workshop to Strengthen SBCE Interventions in SRMNCAH

11 December 2017

Bangladesh, 20 Nov 2017

Consensus is growing about the importance of “social, behavioral and community engagement” (SBCE) interventions to ensure healthy lives and promoting the well-being. While biomedical interventions remain essential ¬†for health, SBCE interventions are also important to achieve the transformative aspirations of Every Woman Every Child Global Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. ThinkWell conducted a scoping exercise for the PMNCH and WHO where 25 experts were consulted to attain their opinion and perspectives on the development of an investment case for SBCE interventions for RMNCAH. The workshop in Dhaka brought together key stakeholders and partners – government, practitioners (NGO and private sector) funders and UN agencies – to discuss hindrances to the adoption of SBCE interventions. ThinkWell contributed remotely to the panel discussion by presenting the results of this scoping exercise in the attached recording.