A New Era of Financing PHC in Uganda: A deep dive into RBF as a strategic purchasing reform

06 June 2024

Webinar, June 18, 2024

2-3:30PM-Kampala (11:00AM-UTC)

In recent years, results-based financing (RBF) has emerged as a context-specific transformative approach to development, revolutionizing how governments allocate resources for health. With its emphasis on delivering tangible and measurable results, RBF has gained significant attention as a mechanism to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of development interventions through increasing financing for health. In Uganda, the integration of RBF within the mainstream primary health care (PHC) financing framework has opened new avenues for accelerating progress towards the global universal health coverage (UHC) agenda.

On June 18, the Makerere University School of Public Health (MakSPH), the Uganda Ministry of Health (MOH), and ThinkWell hosted an insightful webinar that delved deep into the journey of RBF from a project to a mainstreamed approach in Uganda. This webinar was designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of how RBF is shaping development initiatives, fostering innovative financing, and driving sustainable positive change in Uganda’s health sector.

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The panel comprised two presentations followed by a broader discussion session, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the journey and implications of mainstreaming RBF within Uganda’s development landscape and what this means for global practice.

A dynamic panel discussion brought together experts, practitioners, and webinar participants to engage in a lively exchange of ideas. Through this approach, the webinar provided a holistic view of the RBF mainstreaming journey in Uganda, offering attendees a comprehensive overview of the challenges and harness the opportunities presented by this innovative financing model within the broader context of financing for PHC. Attendees had the opportunity to interact directly with the panelists, enriching their understanding and fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge sharing.

Panelists, presenters & moderator

  • Dr. Sarah Byakika, Commissioner of Health Services, Planning, Financing, and Policy, Ministry of Health (panelist)
  • Prof. Freddie Ssengooba, Professor of Health Economics and Health Systems Management, Makerere University School of Public Health (panelist)
  • Dr. Muhammed Mulongo, Senior Medical Officer & Ag District Health Officer, Bulambuli district (panelist)
  • Dr. Eric Tabusibwa, Team Lead, RBF Unit – Ministry of Health (presenter)
  • Ms. Christabel Abewe, National Professional Officer, Health Financing, World Health Organization Uganda (panelist)
  • Ms. Angellah Nakyanzi, Country Manager – ThinkWell Uganda (moderator)