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Andrea Pantoja

Article by Andrea Pantoja

BBC Media Action and WHO Workshop in Dhaka to Strengthen SBCE Interventions in SRMNCAH

Bangladesh, 20 Nov 2017 Consensus is growing about the importance of “social, behavioral and community engagement” (SBCE) interventions to ensure healthy lives and promoting the well-being. While biomedical interventions remain essen...

Henrik Axelson

Article by Henrik Axelson

ThinkWell presentation on donor transition at UHC2030 meeting, Nov 2017


Article by ThinkWell

Join Annette Ozaltin tomorrow for a Costing of Health Benefits Package webinar


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Cow Escapes Farm And Goes To Live With Herd Of Bison

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Article by ThinkWell

Join us for an EV4GH/PSI/HRH2030 webinar on health labor market analysis


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Check out HRH2030’s new website!

HRH2030 is now online! Around the world, countries strive to build the accessible, available, acceptable, and high-quality health workforce needed to improve the health of their people. Through its new website, HRH2030 is pleased to share i...

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