Assessing Health Inequity in Jordan

UNICEF has contracted ThinkWell to support the High Health Council of Jordan to conduct health systems research to assess health inequity in Jordan, especially as it relates to children and adolescents. This study has three dimensions: 1) measurement of out-of-pocket (OOP) expenditure on health and catastrophic health spending, and analysis of how they are distributed across different socio-economic groups, 2) analysis of the distribution of public subsidies for health or the “benefits” of government-financed health services, and 3) measurement of inequity in healthcare utilization across different socio-economic groups and its determinants. To accomplish these objectives, ThinkWell will use innovative methodologies, such as benefit-incidence analysis and multilevel modelling techniques. While this analysis will primarily focus on the general Jordanian population, a special sub-analysis will be conducted to examine health expenditure and utilization among Syrian refugees living in Jordan, with a specific aim better understand the social determinants that contribute to health inequity and vulnerability among this growing population.

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